“Chainsaw Warrior is a brutally awesome good time.” 148apps (Editors Choice)
“...everything you want in a digitised version of the Games Workshop classic.” Gamercast.net
“...an absolute classic…very true to the original…” Digiboard Games Reviews
“...nail-bitingly tense, resolutely old-school, and tremendously punishing...” game-debate.com
“Perfectly judged, brutally demanding and almost impossible to put down...” The Guardian

Step into the combat-boots of Chainsaw Warrior – a former special-forces soldier who has been cybernetically modified to undertake the most dangerous covert missions. New York has only an hour left to live. A rare and strange phenomena known as 'spatial warping' has resulted in a dimensional breach from our world into a nightmare zone. All other attempts to stop this breach have failed. All that is left is one man facing overwhelming odds...

Photography courtesy of Rhys Logan.